Idyllic photography

In life, there are many people, whether they like photography or not, they can’t help but see more when they see flowers. Those who love photography prefer to collect the blooming flowers in the lens for later viewing.

So we often see photos like this.

A flower





Two flowers




A flower and the blue sky


A bunch of flowers



A flower tree



A flower field


17There is new idea, still have to add a model to the flower.


These floral photography (some people call it idyllic photography) look pleasing, but it will inevitably give people a feeling that everyone can shoot well. Therefore, some people like to take pictures for flowers at first, they turned to the scenery or the direction of the documentary or portraits later. Shooting flowers is the basic photography, so few people would like to study how to make breakthroughs.

Post time: Oct-29-2019

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