N must learn flower photography skills!

Flowers are endowed with thousands of beautiful meanings by the world

The photographer endowed her with the graceful figure of flowers and plants

When the flowers fall, life is dying

It is the fall of the fallen leaves, and it turns into the spring mud.

Or find a new way to make life shine


So how to fully and interestingly show the charm of flowers. The following will share with you about the equipment and skills for flowers shooting .



Telephoto lens: used to eliminate cluttered background and facilitate composition;

Macro lens: shooting close-up, the recommended focal length is 100mm;

Proximity ring or proximity Cup: you can also buy proximity ring or proximity cup to enlarge flowers.




01   Pay attention to depth of field

Choosing the right aperture is important! Suitable depth of field can achieve the desired effect. However, if you want to photograph a stamen or part of a flower, shallow depth of field is fine.

The right aperture creates some clarity and some blurring and creates a special atmosphere. Bright patches of color outside the flowers make an ideal background. Blurry, purple and pink backgrounds work well to enhance the image.






02   Pay attention to the breeze

Make sure the flowers don’t vibrate in the wind. It’s best to have a tripod. In addition, the shutter speed is more appropriate between 1/100s and 1/125s. But you can also try slowing down the shutter to create the illusion! For example, in the first picture, the shutter speed was deliberately adjusted to slow down, forming a faint yellow light spot, corresponding to the clear red flowers, giving people a mysterious dream and some warm feeling.




03   Shoot flowers of different colors

When shooting flowers of a particular color, you should pay attention to different ways to make the picture close to reality. Sometimes you can restore the color of flowers by manually setting the white balance.

When you shoot white/yellow flowers, watch out for camera metering and you can compensate for underexposure by +EV.




04   Clever composition

Clever composition can sometimes make the picture more vivid and interesting. Take a look at the following three pictures. Try “bending a branch with a bunch of flowers”. It would be better to have the same branch in the background, which can act as an echo.





05   Dancing flowers

If you want to be more creative, you can take inspiration from dancing, picking up the leaves and re-giving the flowers in any pose. Where there is dance, there is life.




06   Frozen beauty

The beauty of winter is so limited. Would you ever think about letting the beauty of flowers stay? The ice is used to temporarily freeze the beauty of the flowers, and the beauty is intertwined with the cold. This kind of shooting technique is novel and witty.





Beautiful flowers, falling with dancing.

Where there is dance, there is life.


Post time: Nov-06-2019

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