Photography: An introduction to the right way to hold a camera

Whether standing, sitting or kneeling, the correct posture for holding the machine should be:

(1) Hold the handshake position on the side of the camera with your right hand, and touch the shutter button with your forefinger to prepare for shooting.

(2) Hold the bottom of the body with the palm of your left hand, and hold the camera with your thumb and forefinger to stabilize the lens.

(3) Keep your hands and arms close to your body, and try to keep the natural sagging state and close to the body. Never shrug your shoulders. Because of the long-term use of the posture of shrugging shoulders, the shoulder joint will appear fatigue, more difficult to stabilize the camera.

(4) When holding the camera vertically to shoot, generally the left hand is at the bottom and the right hand is at the top. Pay attention to the left arm close to the body.


Precautions for standing or sitting photography

(1) When standing for photography, your feet should be slightly stretched, or stand in the previous and backward steps, so that the weight of the entire body is flat on your feet. If you can rely on some fixed objects, such as leaning against a tree or wall, the effect is even better.

(2) The stability of photography when sitting down is already very high, but you can still use other things to further stabilize the body. It is a good choice to rely on the back of a chair or table.

Precautions when kneeling down for photography

When kneeling down, the left foot should be arched, the right foot should be on the ground, and the left hand holding the bottom of the fuselage should be supported on the arched left foot. Generally, it is difficult to stabilize the body when shooting in the kneeling position. It is best to rely on fixed objects, such as trees and walls, etc.


Post time: Jan-07-2020

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