Photography skills: A comprehensive introduction to winter photography

 Necessaries for taking photos in winter

Good props can not only enrich the picture, but also play an important role in alleviating the embarrassment of the portrait and covering up the body defects.

1. Colorful clothes

Everything is hibernating, the color of the surrounding landscape is relatively monotonous, especially in the weather that has just snowed. There are white areas everywhere. If you want to take beautiful portraits, it is best to wear bright clothes.


There is a color contrast in the picture, which forms a sense of hierarchy, and makes the picture more lively.


2.  Accessories, such as scarf, hat and gloves

Don’t think it’s necessary to wear less and show thin when taking photos. In fact, the exclusive accessories of winter will add a lot of color to your photos.

For example, woolly knitted hats, warm gloves, and long scarves are cute. In addition, some accessories with bright colors can also enhance the effect of the picture. For instance, if you wear dull clothes, you can wear scarves like red and yellow, and match with the white snow in winter.


3. Nice weather

When you go out to take photos in winter, you must choose good weather. Why do you say that? Because the weather is good, the light shines on the body can bring its own beauty effect. If you can grasp the light, it will definitely add a lot of color to your photos.



Winter photo poses

The most worrying thing about taking photos in winter is that you may look fat and short, but as long as you master some poses, and plus post-editing, there will be basically no problem.

1. If you are short, try to take a half-length photo

When taking photos, you can only show the upper body, and all focus on the facial area. Girls can make up a beautiful face, and boys can can smile like sunshine.




2. If you don’t look beautiful, take a back picture

No courage to show up? Take a picture of your back, and take your pet and run in the snow.



3. If your face is big, you cover it by some ways

The friend with a big face can take photos by blocking + side face. Girls are easier, you can put down your hair, and then cover it with a hat.






 4. If you are beautiful, you can take a close-up

Close-up is also common in portrait photography, which is used to show the facial outline of a character.



Winter photo spots

1. The Palace Museum

In the past two years, the Palace Museum has been searched frequently. As soon as it snows, the official photos will be released, which is amazing!




2. Snow Township

Those thick, round and rolling snow mushrooms are really sprouting. They are really like the world in the fairy tale. It is absolutely super beautiful to go there to take pictures.


193. Misty Island

Misty Island attracts a large number of photographers to take photos of rime every winter. In the winter, the water mist rising from the unfrozen rivers meets the cold air and condenses into frost on the trees, it can be called a beautiful scenery.


Post time: Dec-30-2019

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