Photography skills: How to shoot autumn leaves?

Autumn is a very romantic season, not only because of the beauty of autumn leaves, but also an admiration for life. When a piece of green leaves gradually turns into yellow leaves, and then red leaves, isn’t this the color of life? The change from season to season tells the cycle of life in different colors.






How to use leaves as the main body to show the beauty of autumn? I have arranged some photo skills for you, such as how to choose the background, how to compose the picture and so on.


 1. The background is clean, the whole picture will be clean and concise

When taking photos, the most worrying problem is that the background is messy, which not only affects the simplicity of the picture, but also makes the subject unclear. Therefore, you must choose a clean background before taking photos. Generally speaking, I would recommend a dark background because it helps to highlight the subject. Of course, different backgrounds show different textures, which can be determined by the photographer’s needs.


Take the old dry wood as the background to form a strong color contrast.


Take the water as the background, a leaf disrupts the calm of the water and has a dynamic beauty.


Take the window glass as the background.


 The simple prospect can also play a role, such as wire mesh.


2. Look for good visual points

Adding a visual point to a work can not only enrich the interest of the picture, but also balance the center of gravity of the picture and deepen the theme. A good visual point is often the finishing touch of the whole photographic work.

Let’s take a look at the following group of comparison pictures. There is a big difference between no visual point and a visual point.


Take fallen leaves as the view point.


There is no fallen leaves as the view point, the picture is a little flat.

3. Large aperture shooting

The advantage of large aperture is that it can virtualize the background, so as to separate the main body from the background, highlight the main body more, and make the picture more concise.

Notes: If you are shooting with a large aperture and you are out of focus, you can try focusing twice. What is double focus? It means to release the shutter after autofocus, and then half press the shutter to focus again, and then shoot. In this way, it will greatly reduce the focus.



Shooting parameters: 1/320 F/1.4  Focal length:50mm  Sensitivity:100

4. Creative posing

Creative posing is also a popular way for photographers in recent years, but Creative posing does not mean that some trivial things are collected together and put into the picture, but that the photographer’s creativity needs to be integrated into the photographic works, which has a high demand for the photographer’s aesthetic and imagination.




Post time: Dec-26-2019

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