Photography skills: how to take good sunset pictures?

Photography skills: Sunset clouds are very beautiful scenery, which is beautiful enough by themselves. How can we retain this beauty with photography? What are the photography skills for shooting sunset clouds?

1. Light and shadow, shoot together

The sunset glow is bright, while the silhouette is dark. There is a contrast of light and dark in the picture. Such a sunset picture is not monotonous.

Take a silhouette note:

(1) The shadow of the silhouette must have gaps. If there are no gaps, it will be a dark one. Without any details, it will be unsightly. For example, in the first picture, light emerges from the gap on the top floor of the school, making the silhouette more beautiful.

(2) When shooting silhouettes, don’t focus on the shadow, but focus on the non-shadow position.

(3) If you are at the seaside and take pictures of flying seagulls, you need to turn the shutter faster (1/200s), and at the same time, you need to wait patiently.

2, let the sunset have content in the picture

If only the sunset glow is taken, it will be very single. If there are other scenery besides the sunset glow, the sunset glow will play a very good decorative role.