Photography skills: How to take minimalist portrait pictures?

Photography skills: Because of the simplicity of the picture, minimalist photography works have been particularly popular in recent years. So today, let’s talk to you about how to take minimalist portrait pictures.

Classic diagonal composition

Diagonal composition like this is very popular. In the works of Master “Ho Fan”, we often use the urban stairs as a shooting location.

Using a minimalist background and a diagonal composition, putting the portrait into it is simple and has a strong visual effect, as well as a decorative composition style.

In cities where there are steps, such natural diagonal compositions often appear.

Bring people through the scene, looking for a minimalist perspective

The minimalist composition is about the simplicity of the picture, but simplicity is not without content.

Minimalism is not blindly blank, all the elements in the picture must serve the theme you want to express.

The picture above is very concise. If no one is there, it will be a very ordinary picture. When the author processed this photo, he deliberately placed the character in the center. The viewer will naturally focus on the character to make the subject stand out.

Contrast between warm and cold/light and dark

Another most important element in the construction of minimalist photography is color. By using color to create contrast, in a minimalist picture, use two or three colors to juxtapose each other, and highlight them in the image to increase the appeal of the image force.

Extremely strong but simple warm and cold or light and dark contrast will make the picture look simple and very conspicuous.

If it is a black and white work, you should pay attention to the proportion of black, white and gray in the photo, the contrast between black and white, and the role of gray tones in the work.