Photography skills: how to take picnics with fire all over the net?

Photography skills: the weather is just right. Recently, many children have put out their “picnic photos” in their friends’ circle. The soft light matches with colorful snacks. Even Bobo can’t help but want to call on her little sister to go out for a picnic and enjoy the beautiful spring light.微信图片_20200511093332

However, there are also people out of the picnics photo unsatisfactory, the color is not bright enough, the overall picture is gray, there is no picnic relaxed and active atmosphere.


So, how can I take a picture of a picnic in front of my eyes?
Necessary for picnic photos: tablecloth, food, drinks, photo props (books, woven baskets, flowers, balloons, sunglasses, etc.). When you need to take a selfie, the color of your clothes can be as long as it’s not black or gray.
Tablecloth: because you need to take photos, I suggest that you can search for some tablecloth like “ins wind” and “rural wind” on the Internet, which is not expensive. After the picnic, you can also use it as tablecloth for recycling.
Food and drink: for food and drink, try to choose the ones with rich colors. Don’t buy many kinds of necks and collarbones in bags. It’s not good to put the black ones there.


Photo time: picnics usually start at 4 or 5 p.m. when the sun is not so strong, the photos will be soft.
Food and drink, all kinds of props are ready, how to shoot?
1. When many people have a picnic, the food is relatively large. At this time, it is possible to take a panorama or a part.


2. If there are fewer people and less food for the picnic, it is suggested not to take that kind of panorama. The picture will be very empty. In addition, there is no reasonable arrangement of positions and random pushing together, which will make it even less beautiful.


For another angle, if you only shoot part like this, the picture will feel much better.



If you want to add characters to the picnic photos, don’t do this kind of half lying on the table cloth, half kneeling on the table cloth, really not! Good! Look!


The right way to open it is like this,


Observe the picnics, the color is generally rich, and the picture is also bright. If our original camera can’t take such an effect, we can simply adjust it later.

In the following picnic photo, snapseed software is used to adjust brightness (+ 54), contrast (+ 25), saturation (+ 69), and warm hue (+ 24).


Post time: May-11-2020

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