Photography skills: how to take reflection pictures?

Photography skills: Many people think of taking reflections when they encounter water, but the actual photos taken are quite ordinary. So today, we will share with you a few reflection photography techniques, hoping to inspire you more creative inspiration.


1. Find the interface

In addition to the water surface, the glass surface, the light-reflecting car body, the wet tarmac road, the ice surface, or the handy items such as sunglasses, etc., can all become an excellent reflection photography interface. Such an interface can be seen everywhere, as long as you look for it carefully, there will always be different gains.


2. Arrangement subject

The subject is equivalent to a visual point, which makes the picture more artistic. A bird, a boat, or a tree can all be used.


3. Vanishing point

It is more eye-catching to arrange the main body on the vanishing point through the contrast between the near big and the far small.微信图片_20210615170758

4. Contrast between virtual and real

Applying the slow door when shooting can make the water surface more illusory.


6. Look for prospects

The foreground can explain the positional relationship of the scene, so as to make the picture more layered.


You can try to use these 6 photography techniques shared above in future reflection-themed works.


Post time: Jun-15-2021

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