Photography skills: If you want the sunset to be more beautiful, the blue sky more blue, and the flowers and plants more beautiful, you have to shoot like this!


Photography skills: Take daily photos. If you want to look better, you have to learn some tips. Today, I mainly introduces some knowledge points about the color of the photo, mainly including how to deepen the color of the sunset, how to make the blue sky bluer, and the flowers and plants more vivid.

How to deepen the color of sunset

We often see those sunset glow photos on the Internet that are all red, very beautiful, but we can’t achieve this effect when we take them ourselves.

In fact, in order to achieve this exaggerated effect, one way is to use filters, and another way is to set the camera’s white balance to cloudy mode, which can further deepen the color of the sunset.

How to make the blue sky bluer

1. Pay attention to the use of light

There is a pattern in the formation of the blue sky. The sky is the bluest in the light, followed by the side light, and white in the back light. Therefore, the color saturation of the blue sky taken from the light angle is quite high, especially the sky above the photographer’s head is very saturated and vivid. Pay attention to the angle in photography practice, and generally you can get a brighter blue sky.