Photography skills: If you want to take photos with a dark background and bright subjects, what are the photography skills?

Photography skills: To take photos with a dark background and bright subjects, there are two main techniques:

1. Use a black background in the studio
2. Use flash light for calendering outdoors

Use black background in the studio

Use a black or dark background board/paper. In order to make the background darker, we can turn off or dim the light in the room, and keep the background away from the subject as far as possible to avoid the flash illuminating the background.

Flash output and aperture will affect the brightness of the subject and can be adjusted by yourself. Remember that in a dark environment, the aperture/flash affects the brightness of the subject, and the shutter affects the brightness of the background.

Use flash for calendering outdoors

1. Basic Principles

What is calendering? Calendering is actually just filling light.

Because the illumination range of the flash is limited, when the background of the subject exceeds the illumination range of the flash, the image shot with the flash fill light looks like the background light is suppressed by the flash fill light, so most people call this “calender” .

2. Basic operation

When calendering, if you simply fill in the light from the front, it will brighten the model, but this will not only lose some sense of layering, but the whole image will feel more like a dull shot taken in front of the background paper; so Here, you can choose to light from a more lateral direction to make the light feel more layered.

The fill light method of flashing light will be a bit straight and hard, not in line with the background, plus a soft cover can make the picture more textured.

3. What to do if the power is not enough

As we said earlier, the flash range is limited. What if the flash power is not enough? Move the subject closer to the light. But the closer you are to the model, the harder the light will be. This depends on your own trade-offs.