Photography skills: It’s easier to take good pictures of people from these 6 angles!

Photography skills: Portrait photography is one of the favorite subjects for the majority of photographers, but many people don’t know which angle is better. Today, let me share some common photo angles with you, and I hope it’s useful to you.

The shooting angle can determine the success or failure of a photographic work. It not only requires photographers to have some photography technology, but also requires photographers to have good thinking ability and certain creativity. In the same scene, different shooting angles show different effects.


Overhead view


Upward view

1. Flat view

The flat perspective is to keep the camera and the portrait on the same horizontal line. This kind of shooting angle can more easily express the emotion of the portrait, and the audience will feel close to the portrait.

 But this kind of shooting angle also has a disadvantage, it is easy to flatten the facial features of the portrait, which is not three-dimensional enough.


2. Overhead view

We all know that it’s from the bottom up. This kind of shooting angle is often used in portrait photography. It has two very good functions: first, it can shoot the portrait with long legs. Second, it can effectively avoid some messy backgrounds, so as to highlight the main body.


3.Upward view

Opposite to the overhead view is the upward view, which refers to shooting from top to bottom. This kind of shooting angle is also commonly used. It can substitute more ground background, and can focus on the facial features of the portrait.

But it should be noted that this kind of shooting angle is easy to make people look short, so when you take photos, try to only take the upper part of the portrait instead of the whole body.


4. Aerial view

It’s a little higher than the upward view. We call it “Bird’s-eye view” or “Aerial view”. This kind of shooting angle generally requires the photographer to stand at a higher position, or use the UAV to shoot. The effect of the specific shooting is that the portrait and the ground can be combined as a whole.


5. Tilt view

The regular shooting angle will inevitably make you feel boring. When shooting portraits, in order to show the lively effect of the picture, you can try to tilt the angle of view. Be careful! It is not to let you tilt the horizontal line, but to guide the portrait to make some corresponding actions to match the whole composition.


6. Big scene view

Generally, we use large scenes when shooting landscape photos, but we can also try this shooting angle when shooting portraits. In the whole environment, the portraits will add aura to the whole picture.

However, when using large scenes, there will often be more interference, which requires the photographer to pay more attention to the selection of the background, and try to select the open space of the grassland and the sea.


It’s very important to find a good shooting angle for the final rendering effect of the photo, so you can try different angles before you press the shutter, or you may have unexpected effects.

Post time: Nov-14-2019

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