Photography skills: mobile phone to take night scenes, the picture is dark and blurry? Try these 4 tips!


Photography Tips: Most smart phones nowadays are better for taking photos when the light conditions are good during the day, but taking night scenes at night will not only make the screen dark and noisy, but also blurry.

So, is there really no way to take a night view on a mobile phone? of course not! You can improve from the following aspects.

1. Learn to run out

The light is not good at night. When we take pictures, we can use the window lights, street lights, etc. in the commercial area. By adjusting the orientation of the portrait and using the existing lights to supplement the portrait, it is a very common way.

And beside the road, in addition to the street lights, you can also use the lights of the vehicles to fill the light to solve the problem of low light.

If you are prepared before taking pictures, you can bring some fairy sticks, lanterns and other props. Of course, the best thing is to use the flash + soft mask to fill the light.

ps: How to shoot the flare effect? →→→ (Photography Tips: How to shoot the light spot effect when taking photos at night?)

2. Pick the right time

If you are just taking pictures of night scenes, then it is recommended that you choose the time when the sky is still lit up. The atmosphere of the night scene of the city and the light will not be too bad.