Photography skills: Qiu Jing repeats shooting every year, you don’t even know these tips!

Photography skills: Every autumn, photos of autumn scenery and autumn scenery will appear in large numbers. Of course, there are also some excellent photography works that are worth learning from.

Today, I will mainly share with you some small problems in the autumn scenery shooting.

Autumn leaves are almost the basic subject of autumn photography for all photographers, but how do you capture the charm of autumn leaves in such a romantic but repetitive scene?

In the above picture, the photographer chose the shooting angle of looking up, coupled with the use of the wide-angle end, the deformation of the trees showed a tendency to gather upwards. In addition, in order to avoid the clutter of the subject in the picture, he chose to place a large red leaf in the foreground.

In order to highlight the foreground more, supplemented by appropriate color extraction, the excess green and blue are removed, and only the color of the red leaves in front of the lens is highlighted. This is relatively more vivid, and the picture is much cleaner because of the simple colors.