Photography skills: Take pictures in the car, simple and practical!

Photography skills: Today I will share with you a wave of in-car photography skills. It is simple and practical. Learn it seriously.


In terms of lighting: When the weather is good, the lighting is great when sitting in the back row, and the effect of the film is full of film. If it is at night, try to choose a flashlight to fill the light, and remember not to turn on the flash!

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In terms of facial expressions: Don’t force your facial expressions, it will appear deliberate and embarrassing. If you don’t think of any facial expressions, look ahead or laugh naturally. Laughing will be very contagious. Let the people taking pictures take more pictures.


In terms of camera posture: lower your head to play with your phone, tuck your hair or look out of the car window, and create a dynamic feeling when taking pictures. This is actually the easiest way to produce a film. The feeling of capturing is far more natural than that of freeze-frame shooting. Be careful to make it casual You can also cover your face with your hands, look at the camera with a 45-degree angle, or cover your face with your hands to look at the camera. Both of these methods are very small. Pay attention to your eyes when looking at the camera. Don’t stare blankly. The lens.

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What are you waiting for? Hurry up and call your boyfriend to shoot you!

Post time: Oct-09-2020

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