Photography skills: Take pictures like this when doing high-speed rail!

Photography skills: It is a very common thing to travel by high-speed rail now. It is boring to travel by car. Many people like to take pictures to pass the time.

So, how can you take beautiful photos on the high-speed rail?

Disadvantages of taking pictures on high-speed rail:

1. During high-speed movement, the high-speed rail should be held steadily, otherwise it is easy to slap.
2. Composition: The reaction must be very fast, and there must be a certain period of anticipation, the composition of the motion is more ever-changing.
3. The reflection of the glass: In the case of the lights in the car and the sun backlit, it will make the shooting more difficult. Once the reflection is captured in the picture, it is basically a waste film.

Photography skills on high-speed rail:

SLR settings: shutter priority, about 1/1000, ISO is generally adjusted automatically. It is possible to take a good shot first, so don’t worry about the loss of ISO image quality. Moreover, the changes in light are uncertain, and there is no time to adjust the ISO before shooting. Many sceneries shot on the high-speed train are fleeting.