Photography skills: Why are the photos taken by novice photographers not good-looking? 6 reasons! (Part Three)

Photography skills: Why do the photos you take are always unsightly? What’s the reason? Here is a summary of 6 mistakes made by novice photographers, let’s see if you have won the trick?

Fast. lack of visual center (main body)

If you only press the shutter, but don’t learn the composition of photography, the photos you take will easily lack the visual center (subject).

For example, the picture below shows nothing.


So, someone will say, then I can add a tree or a horse to the picture? This can be done, but because there is only a single visual center, the expressiveness of the picture is still insufficient.

However, if we take the horse as the subject and arrange a tree in the distance, will the picture be much richer?


Second, the composition is not compact

As shown in the figure below, the problem is actually very simple, that is, the main body of the picture is too small and the surrounding space is too small. From the perspective of composition, this is a kind of not compact composition.



The solution is very simple, lengthen the focal length, or get closer to the subject to increase the proportion of the subject to enhance its expressiveness.

However, in this case, the solution is not that simple. If the focal length is lengthened, the main part will not be able to be taken completely, so the solution is to crop the second composition later.



Third, the picture is not clean

The shooting scene is too complicated and the picture is not clean is a common problem for novice photographers. For example, in the photo below, pedestrians passing by, the red fence behind it, etc. are all factors that disturb the subject.



The solution to this problem is to find a clean angle of view before shooting. If you can’t find it, you can try the following two methods:

1. Open the aperture or increase the focal length to blur the foreground and background.
2. Remove the interference after use.



In the next issue, let’s talk about three other reasons

See you next time.

Post time: Sep-25-2020

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