Photography Tips: Have you ever stepped on the 4 minefields in the photo composition?

Photography skills: Learning composition is a very important lesson for photography enthusiasts. Today I will tell you about 4 composition minefields. Do not step on it when taking pictures.

1. Dual Subject

In fact, it is not impossible to have a dual subject, but the dual subject is too difficult to control. For many beginners, it is impossible to control, so that some content that you don’t think is the subject at all, grabs the real subject and grabs the real subject you want to shoot. Eyeballs.

Like the photo below, the character may be the only subject the photographer wants to shoot, but the waterfall behind is too dazzling, and it robs the sense of existence of the subject, so that the viewer does not know which is the focus.

Faced with this situation, you can put the waterfall as far back as possible to reduce the proportion of the picture taken by the waterfall, and use the out-of-focus blur to place the focus on the model to make the waterfall less noticeable and make it completely the background that sets off the model.