Photography Tips: How to take a night view on a mobile phone? 4 points to note!

Photography tips: At night, with the city lights on and the lights flowing, many friends want to take out their mobile phones to record.

But most people take pictures like this ▼



The picture is blurry, dim, and unsightly. So how can a mobile phone take a good night view?


Selection of shooting location

At night, the light is relatively dim. If you want to take a transparent and bright night view of the city, the place with more light is your best choice for the shooting location, such as the junction overpass, CBD, etc.

The lights of city buildings, street lights and car lights on the streets are all important elements of a city’s gorgeous night scenes. This provides usable shooting light sources for small partners who like night scene shooting, and effectively solves the problem of insufficient light.


Sometimes, in order to shoot the night view of the city with a wider field of view, you can choose a higher position to take a bird’s eye view of the city.


Shooting aids

As the saying goes, shatter everything! Night scene shooting must be stable, otherwise the photos taken are as follows ▼


Night scene shooting is a test of the anti-shake capability of mobile phones. In many mobile phones, it is difficult to shoot clear, bright and transparent night scenes.

Therefore, if you want to maintain stable shooting, you usually need to add a tripod to fix it to ensure the stability of the picture and avoid blurring of the photo.



▲ Real shot of handheld super night scene


▲ Real shot of the super night scene mode of the tripod

Prolong the appropriate exposure time

If we want to take clear and high-quality night photos, we need to extend the appropriate exposure time.

Speaking of exposure time, we have to mention ISO sensitivity and shutter time, these two parameters are very important.

Generally, the lower the ISO value, the better, so I suggest to adjust the ISO parameters to the lowest (50, or 100 is the best); and then adjust the shutter time according to the brightness of the scene, the shutter length from fast to slow, take a few more shots, take the exposure Normal shutter value.


Super Night Scene Mode

The shooting method is that after turning on the super night scene in the camera, it needs to be stable for about 4 seconds when held in the hand (if the ambient light is very dark, the waiting time will be longer), in order to shoot a clear and bright night scene photo.


Due to the limitation of the size of the photosensitive element, the mobile phone is indeed flawed in the night scene shooting, but it is still possible to use some camera skills and want to take a night scene picture and send it to the circle of friends.

Post time: Jun-22-2020

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