Photography Tips: How to take photos of pets at home? Pay special attention to these 4 points!

Photography skills: Taking photos of pets is definitely not an easy task, because they are like children, making you unpredictable. So today, let’s take cats as an example to sort out some photography techniques for everyone.

01Build trust with cats

Cats are very cold, and they usually hide in corners or disappear when they see strangers. Even if he barely caught him in front of you, he would have a “horrified” and “unlovable” expression, or he would simply ignore you and slip away again.


Therefore, our first step is to establish a sense of trust with them. You can buy some snacks for it and make it play. After mixing, you can have all kinds of meowing states in front of the camera.



02Fixed shooting area

Cats always come and go without a trace. In order to accurately aim at it and press the shutter, it is recommended that you find a fixed small area of activity. (Preferably well-lit and simple background)

For example, on the sofa, bed, cage, etc.


If you want to take pictures of cats walking in the grass and basking in the corner of the wall, it is even more difficult, and you can only “guard”.



03Choose the right lens

It is recommended that you choose 35mm-50mm focal length and large aperture to shoot.

Cats are shot indoors at close range. The most suitable focal length is 50mm or 35mm. You are just right away from it. The focal length above 85mm is not suitable, and it is difficult to focus indoors at close range.

Perhaps what you imagine is that the cat is free to move around in the room. It is possible to shoot with a telephoto of 85mm or more. But in fact, when the cat is far away from you, it is not under the bed, under the table, or on the floor. Drifting quickly, most of these places are dimly lit, and there are many clutter in the house. It is basically impossible to shoot with telephoto chase.


For home shooting, a large aperture is appropriate at F2.2–F3.5. Ensure that there is enough light and a fast enough shutter speed, and the shallow depth of field can blur the messy background of the home and better highlight the cat.

But if you use a very shallow depth of field with an aperture greater than F2, and shoot a cat that moves very quickly, it is easy to blur the photo.


04 sharp focus

Finally, you need to be especially careful when focusing, be sure to focus!

The cat moves too fast and too fast, and it moves irregularly. The AF-C focus mode with continuous servo focus mode will have a much higher success rate than static single-point focus.

Of course, if you encounter a cat that is a little quieter, focusing will be relatively easy. Try to make sure that the camera is in focus and then press the shutter button after confirming OK, or just use continuous shooting.


In short, taking photos of pets requires more patience.


Post time: Jul-29-2020

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