Photography tips: take portrait pictures, how to make the picture more emotional atmosphere?

1. Show emotion through posture

Photography pays attention to nature, want to record the true feelings through the lens, that needs the natural movement.The picture below, for example, is a complete picture of the character’s happiness at the time.微信图片_20200113094238

2. Strengthen emotions through environment

We can take the back of some people, but there are no other people around, which can foil the lonely mood.For example, in the face of the mountain photo, there will be a kind of vacant, or suddenly open in the emotion.微信图片_20200113094939

If it is in a light environment, such as early morning or evening, you can take a silhouette of a person, a lonely figure, will be very good performance.Want to reflect desolate and lonely, might as well turn the photo dark, or in a darker situation, take the back of the character.


Post time: Jan-13-2020

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