Photography Tips: Without it, no matter how good the camera is, you can’t take good pictures of stars and stars

Photography Tips: What season is best for shooting stars and stars? I think it is summer. In summer, the sky is clear, and the outdoor temperature is also suitable. Bringing photographic equipment to the appropriate shooting venue can get a glimpse of hundreds of millions of bright lights.

In addition to the appropriate shooting time, shooting location, and long waiting time, the most important thing for shooting starry sky and star trails is photographic equipment.

High-sensitivity SLR or micro single
Large aperture wide-angle lens
Tripod with good stability
Shutter release to improve shooting stability

Among them, a tripod is essential!

When shooting starry sky, the shutter should be lowered to 10-15s, not to mention the star trails, which requires 30s or hours of exposure. Therefore, it is definitely not possible to hold it. There must be a tripod to maintain the stability of the machine. Otherwise, as long as the machine shakes, the whole picture will be blurred.