Photography Tips: You can take good photos without going out in summer! Tips for taking photos of daily life at home

Taking portraits in air-conditioned rooms in summer, is it bad? Don’t be skewed. Taking photos at home is not necessarily a private photo, it can also be small and fresh.

The shooting location can be selected at the female model’s home. One is to take care of the girl, so you don’t have to run back and forth on a hot day. The second is to take photos at your own home. The model will be more relaxed, and the resulting picture will naturally be better.

Generally, our residence can be divided into several areas: bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. When taking pictures, you can make full use of these spaces.


When it comes to taking pictures in the bedroom, the first thing you might think of is lying on the bed and sitting on the bed. This way of recording ordinary daily life is very popular on Weibo.