Time-lapse photography of flowers

-Nowadays, more and more photographers begin to pay attention to dynamic flowers. Using the time-lapse photography, the moments of flower blooms are recorded through pictures, and then these pictures are made into video or animation through software.


After reading these pictures, some people may be curious to say how to shoot such a flower scene? This is actually the use of time-lapse photography in flower photography.


Time-lapse photography is a unique way of photography. Its greatest charm is that it has more visual impact than static pictures, and it can record the movement of the world, compressing these pictures in everyday life in a few minutes or in a moving picture, giving people another way to see the world.


















Tips for time-lapse photography of flowers


  1. Preliminary preparation: Camera, tripod, mobile phone, Selfie stick .

     Camera preparation: The camera recommends using the M file to ensure that the exposure is stable. Turn off the camera’s anti-shake function. In general, the evaluation metering mode is used in time-lapse photography.Phone preparation: Turn on the flight mode to prevent calls from affecting shooting.

     Note: Whether it is a mobile phone or a camera, make sure that the storage space is large enough and the battery is sufficient.


  2. Medium shot

     After adjusting the parameters of the camera, pay attention to check if the exposure is normal. In the metering balance table, if the indicator is in the middle position, the exposure is normal, the left side is underexposed, and the right side is overexposed.

     Mobile phone shooting, it is also fixed with the same tripod. The mobile phone has its own time-lapse photography function, which can be used directly, but it needs to ensure sufficient power. It can also be taken as a camera shot, taking a picture directly in about 15 minutes.

     Note: The shooting interval can be adjusted according to the opening time of the flower. If the opening is faster, the interval is shorter, and vice versa.


  3. Post processing

    Use post-production software to stitch the pictures into video or animation.

    Professional level recommendation: Pr, AE,

    White level recommendation: VUE, impression, smart shadow, a flash.

     There are a lot of software that can be processed later, and you can learn through online courses.


When you learned how to shoot flowers and the same as shooting fruit .




If you like, please learn quickly!


Post time: Oct-29-2019

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